Since our founding in 2006, NeuAnalytics has had a very clear mission to empower the world’s leading lenders and creditors with actionable insights and better strategic decisioning.

As the industry’s most comprehensive business intelligence and data logistics provider, NeuAnalytics continues to deliver best-in-class performance reporting and solutions while remaining the only comprehensive compliance management system on the market. Today, leading organizations across a number of industries trust NeuAnalytics, including some of the nation’s largest financial institutions, retail credit providers, auto finance lenders, and cable, telecom, and utility providers.

Filling the Gaps in Receivables and Compliance Management

As the industry continues to evolve, so do the needs of lenders and creditors. From a performance standpoint, we work to facilitate the relationship between their in-house collections and third-party agencies. By scrubbing and standardizing their inbound and outbound data, we ensure our client partners and their business leaders have the information needed to drive enhanced performance and resolve accounts quickly and successfully.

On the compliance side, we help mitigate the operational risk associated with third-party collection agencies. Creditors not only maintain their own internal compliance standards but are also subject to ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations. With NeuAnalytics’s Compliance Management System, our client partners can better protect both their internal organization and customers while ensuring standards are met across all of their agencies and accounts.

Finally, we provide specialized case management for fraud, disputes, and complaints, helping to streamline critical workflows, remediate issues quickly, and better protect against future issues, safeguarding both our client partners and consumers.

Defining Industry Best Practices

This year, we’re charting an even more ambitious path. With the additions of Adam Mellem as vice president of product and Drew Anderson as senior vice president of business development, we’re adding to an already exceptional team that brings decades of insights and industry best practices. We’re continuing to enhance our existing feature set and develop new solutions we believe will once again solidify NeuAnalytics as the gold standard in receivables management.

In addition, we’re bringing even more focus to the client experience, both during and after implementation. Every partnership is tailored to the unique needs of the organization to increase both cost and operational efficiency and deliver better results. With our dedicated client teams, NeuAnalytics is able to implement solutions quickly and with minimal disruption, allowing our client partners’ internal teams to focus on what matters – taking care of their customers and delivering improved results.

We seek out the best and brightest professionals and will continue to add specialized talent in technical and client operations, finance, and business development. NeuAnalytics remains as vigilant as ever in proactively monitoring and developing new solutions for both new and existing regulatory changes that affect our clients’ day-to-day operations, and we’ll keep pushing the industry forward to better protect both creditors and consumers alike.

Extraordinary Results for Exponential Growth

NeuAnalytics has become a highly trusted player in the industry because we’re willing to solve the tough problems that deliver big results. We’ll continue to deliver scalable, intelligent solutions that serve the original goal of our organization – to drive greater integrity, accountability, and transparency to collections practices.

If you’re experiencing challenges in receivables and compliance management, we can help. Contact us today to find out what NeuAnalytics can do for you.

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