Extensive experience and deep expertise

NeuAnalytics has extensive experience and deep expertise supporting customers in key industries including:

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Financial services

“We’re probably more stringent with ourselves than external regulatory bodies are. With NeuAnalytics’ Compliance Management system, our internal compliance methods are so strong that we can pass audits that used to take days or weeks in mere seconds. It’s very easy to produce the required data and to demonstrate that we’re in control of our compliance practices.”

Agency Manager, Compliance and System Support, Billion-Dollar Servicer



“NeuAnalytics has enabled us to go from being reactive to proactive. We now know where every account is, who’s working it, what they’re doing, and when, which allows us to do our best for our customers. They expect excellence from our brand and with this powerful tool, that’s what we’re giving them.”

Supplier Management Leader, Top 5 Lender


Utilities and energy

“We’re now spending more time analyzing reconciliation data, which creates a fuller picture of what each agency is doing day to day with their accounts. NeuAnalytics gives us this more granular view, which creates a greater level of transparency and helps us keep the agencies accountable. Keeping track of each agency used to require a lot of legwork, but now we have it all at a glance.”

Manager of Revenue Operations and Vendors Services, Top 5 Utility




Other Industries We Serve

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Student Lending

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Transportation & Logistics

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