NeuAnalytics’ Integrated Support Platform​

Providing the world’s leading creditors with comprehensive business intelligence and default account distribution network inventory management while continuously monitoring compliance.

Secure Customizable Platform for Streamlining and Enhancing Collaboration

The Integrated Support Platform is custom-built for large organizations that lack robust automation in their critical back-end servicing. Designed to be a replacement for spreadsheets and email task management, The Integrated Support Platform is a flexible, customizable account receivable management platform designed for regulated entities required to conform to CFPB compliance regulations, but scalable to fit the needs of any organization.

NeuAnalytics’ expert team has combined decades of experience in loading and reconciling data from all kinds of data sources, and correlating this information into a simple business intelligence platform that you can leverage to make

intelligent, data-driven decisions. Additionally, to help automate your business processes, the Integrated Support Platform provides automated alerting that ensures you’re aware of issues before they need to be escalated, and all in a single secure PCIcompliant application.

The Integrated Support Platform is more than a simple system that displays information – it actually helps your team do their jobs better and faster, plus provide you tracking mechanisms and reporting to show your management and your regulators that you’re actually getting work done.


Integrated Support Platform

Anyone working in a large back-office environment understands that the gaps between your core systems can be quite large, and there’s no good way to get information from one core system, like your customer relations platform, to another system, like your accounting system.

NeuAnalytics’ Integrated Support Platform bridges these gaps, providing smooth, continuous workflows and a central repository that provides you a single source of truth.

Receivables Management Suite

Built for collections and recovery professionals to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and drive greater portfolio performance, our industry leading patented modules manage your portfolio throughout each step of the collections lifecycle from pre-charge to end of life.

Compliance Systems Suite

Numerous tools to manage best practice compliance standards from both external regulators like the CFPB and the OCC and internal audits. Manual and automated auditing examines every account, every day, to provide the most accurate and reliable compliance information available.

Operational Support

Automate critical support systems often overlooked by back-office operations in organizations of all sizes. Replace archaic workflows, email and spreadsheet management with a single, automated, secure system to manage mission-critical functions like fraud investigation, consumer disputes, and automated eOSCAR reporting.

Productivity Solutions

Quantify work and boost productivity with a secure task management platform that integrates an enterprise content management solution. Customize workflows, index projects at the task level, track project estimates and individual performance metrics to help everyone collaborate productively.

NeuAnalytics: The Industry Leader

With decades of experience in systems integration and back-office business processes, NeuAnalytics is the industry leader in the following areas: