About Us

NeuAnalytics provides an advanced and unique Software-as-a-Service solution for large corporations and financial institutions. Our company is growing quickly and expanding our software to serve the needs of both new and existing clients. We are a leader in providing technology solutions that bring integrity and transparency to our clients.

Our Evolution

We have grown over the past decade into one of the most trusted technology providers to The Fortune 500. It all started with the great people who wanted to be included our incredible journey over the past decade. Their work and dedication has provided solutions to some of the most difficult and complex problems facing enterprises today. Our Integrated Support Platform™ is leading the industry while balancing both sophistication and simplification. We look forward to continuing our relationships as well as building new ones in the future.


NeuAnalytics has been transforming the way enterprises interact with their suppliers since 2006 when it was founded at Ryan Neuweg’s kitchen table. As a credit and collection industry veteran focused on serving The Fortune 500, Ryan saw an opportunity to bring the ideas and concepts that only the largest creditors were attempting to execute to a much broader audience. Today, our SaaS-based platform offers over 150 modular options and is common to see in large-scale servicing environments.

Fastest Growing Company
Nova Award

February 2, 2017

NeuAnalytics receives Nova Award from Overland Park’s Chamber of Commerce – Economic Development Council

"We strive to create useful solutions for our clients that enable them to enhance their processes while creating greater transparency and integrity."

-Ryan Neuweg, Founder


We aspire to support our clients, to reinvent and revolutionize their business using technology.


Our Mission is to build the best support systems; to lead our clients in partnering with the best suppliers and providing the best customer experience.