Enterprise Receivables Management Platform

NeuAnalytics’ Integrated Support Platform is an enterprise solution for streamlining all servicing department support functions, from outstanding accounts receivable recovery to compliance, into one central, secure platform.

The Integrated Support Platform is used by large companies to increase productivity by using comprehensive business intelligence and customizable workflows while continuously monitoring compliance.

Streamline your servicing department’s support functions into a single solution, from collections to compliance.

The Integrated Support Platform (ISP) is custom-built for large organizations that lack robust automation in their critical back-end servicing. Designed to be a replacement for spreadsheets and email task management, ISP is a flexible, customizable platform for regulated entities required to conform to CFPB compliance regulations, but scalable to fit the needs of any organization. 

NeuAnalytics’ expert team has combined decades of experience in loading and reconciling data from all kinds of data sources, and correlating this information into a simple business intelligence platform that you can leverage to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.


ISP provides automated alerting that ensures you’re aware of issues before they need to be escalated, and all in a single secure PCI-compliant application.


ISP is more than a simple system that displays information – it actually helps your team do their jobs better and faster.


ISP provides tracking mechanisms and reporting to show your management and your regulators that you’re actually getting work done.

Integrated Support Platform Suites

Industry Expertise

NeuAnalytics offers services to a wide variety of companies, with specific expertise in multiple industries, including:



Private Label Cards

Student Lending


Auto Finance

“We strive to create useful solutions for our clients that enable them to enhance their processes while creating greater transparency and integrity.”

-Ryan Neuweg, Founder